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Why Does My Google/Office Sync Default to the Wrong Account?


  • Linking another Microsoft OneDrive Account
  • Configuring a different OneDrive Account other than the one that is defaulted
  • Linking a document integration
  • Configuring a different Google Account other than the one that is defaulted


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • To open a private/incognito window, hold Command + Shift and press "n". (Control + Shift for macOS).


The service you're syncing with is logged in at the browser level; because you are still signed into another e.g. OneDrive account within that browser, when you go to link in Clio, it will continue to automatically connect to the OneDrive account you're signed in with. In order to link Clio to the right account, make the connection in an Incognito/private window. 

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