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Is There a Way to Change the Billing Rate on Newly Created Matters Only?


  • Automatically change billing rate at the end of the year 
  • Mid-year billing rate change; don't want to affect open matters but only new matters


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

As a workaround, you can add a custom rate in the Billing preferences for each of your existing open Matters and then change your current Default Billing Rate.

A Custom Matter Billing Rate will override your new Default Billing Rate, therefore your existing Matters that have a Custom Matter Billing Rate added will not be affected by the change to your Default Billing Rate.

If you are updating an existing Custom Rate on a Matter, please note it will not automatically retroactively change the rate on existing Time Entries. You can, however, use these steps to bulk edit the rate on the existing Time Entries to reflect the new Matter Rate.

For more information on Clio's Billing Rate Hierarchy, click here


No, not at this time. However, there is a workaround above.

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