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How Do I Update a Tax/VAT on an Existing Bill?


  • How to adjust the Tax rate on an existing invoice
  • Change amount of Tax on a bill
  • What does "Edit tax" do on a bill?
  • Update tax rate on an invoice
  • Update VAT on an invoice 
  • VAT 


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

Some of all items will need to have Tax 1 or Tax 2 applied for this tool to bulk update that Tax rate.


  1. Open the Bill
  2. Select More Actions and Edit
  3. Select Edit Tax at the top of the Edit invoice page
  4. Enter Tax amount
  5. Select Update tax on the invoice


To add tax to existing line items on a bill, check the checkboxes next to the time (or bulk actions checkbox) and then click the Tax1 or Tax2 button that populates.


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