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Clio Launcher: Installation and Use Guide

Clio Launcher: Installation and Use Guide

What is Clio Launcher?

Clio Launcher allows you to open, edit, create, copy and save documents directly from Clio in just a few clicks—no downloading and re-uploading required.

Stop toggling back and forth between software. Clio Launcher works with your preferred programs, like Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, ScanSnap, and more so while you draft, review, and revise, your documents stay organized, up-to-date, and secure in Clio.

  • Faster document editing. Open documents in one-click from Clio and edits automatically sync back to Clio–no need to download and re-upload.
  • Harnessing more from Clio. Clio’s document management—and the benefit of unlimited document storage—is more powerful with the ability to work seamlessly with other essential firm software such as Word, Excel, Adobe, and more.
  • Quick document creation. Create a new .docx document from Clio, eliminating the need to create a document in Microsoft Word, save it to your desktop, and upload to Clio.
  • Easy document upload. Instantly upload documents into Clio using Clio Launcher.
  • Secure paper documents in the cloud. Scan documents directly to Clio using the ScanSnap by Fujitsu integration with Clio Launcher (also now with added support of Fujitsu’s Scanner, ScanSnap ix1500).


How to Install Clio Launcher
How to Edit Documents with Clio Launcher
How to Create Documents with Clio Launcher
How to Upload Documents with Clio Launcher
How to Copy, View, and Edit Document Details with Clio Launcher
Frequently Asked Questions

How to Install Clio Launcher 

Clio Launcher is part of the Clio Desktop App. You will need to install the Clio Desktop App on each computer you want to use it on. After that, it will run in the background and will be available whenever you want to open a document from Clio.

To install Clio desktop app, follow the steps below.

  1. Log in to Clio Manage
  2. Click Documents
  3. Click Desktop Access in the top right hand corner
  4. Locate the downloaded installation file in your computer and begin the installation
  5. Once installed, open the Clio Desktop App
  6. Choose your region associated with your account
  7. Enter your Clio Manage credentials 
  8. Click Allow Access
  9. You will now see a Clio icon in your Task bar under the ^ (Windows)
    Or in the top navigation bar (Mac)



Once the installation is complete, return to the Documents page in Clio Manage.

  1. Click the blue external link icon next to a document.
  2. A Clio Desktop App "Sign In" popup is displayed (see screenshot below). Enter your login credentials and authorize Clio Launcher.


How to Edit Documents with Clio Launcher

By using Clio Launcher, you can click a link in Clio to open any file in its relevant desktop application (Word, Excel, etc.). Saving the file in the desktop application will update the file in Clio and create a new version.

Using Clio Launcher is easy!

  1. Log in to Clio at
  2. Click the external link icon next to the document filename.
  3. The file will open on your computer in the appropriate desktop application.
  4. Make any changes to the file.
  5. Save the file.Note: Using "Save as" will not save the file back to Clio. You need to use "Save".

In Clio, the file will now be updated with a new version.

Click "View" next to the document name to view the current and past versions of the document

How to Create Documents with Clio Launcher

In addition to editing documents, you can also generate new, blank .docx files by clicking “Create a new document” from the main Clio Launcher menu. Specify your document name, and optionally the matter to which you would like to upload the file, the folder it should be saved to within the matter, and its category.

Click “create document” to open a new, blank .docx file in Word which you can then edit. Clicking save will automatically save the document to the location that you specified.

If no matter is selected, the file will be saved to your main Documents tab.


How to Upload Documents with Clio Launcher

If your file already exists on your desktop, click “Upload a document” from the main Clio Launcher menu to upload files of any type to Clio Manage. Select your file, and optionally the matter to which you would like to upload the file, the folder it should be saved to within the matter, and its category.


If no matter is selected, the file will be saved to your main Documents tab.

How to Copy, View, and Edit Document Details with Clio Launcher

To quickly make changes to the information about any documents you have accessed with Clio Launcher, click the “View details” button next to the document you’d like to modify. Here you can rename or move the document.

By clicking the arrow next to “View details” you can also create a copy of the document which you can modify for a different client, or download the file to your desktop.




Frequently Asked Questions

Which file formats does Clio Launcher support?

For document uploading or editing, Clio Launcher will work with any type of file. It will open the file using the default program for that file type. For example, if Pages is the default program for .docx files on your computer, Clio Launcher will open .docx files in Pages. The same principle applies for videos, spreadsheets, images, etc.

For creating new documents, Clio Launcher supports the creation of .docx files only.

Can I scan documents with Clio Launcher using the ScanSnap Integration?

Yes, you can utilize Clio Launcher and the ScanSnap Integration to scan documents into Clio. For more information on how, see here.

What if Clio Launcher opens my file with the wrong program?

To control which program Clio Launcher uses to open your file, simply change the default program on your computer.

Find the steps for Mac here, and the steps for Windows here.

I'm trying to install Clio Launcher, but the external link icon is blue. How can I install Clio Launcher?

If the external link icon is blue (maybe from an incomplete installation), you can install Clio Launcher by following the steps in this article.

How do I know if someone else is also editing the document I'm working on?

Currently, there is no notification to let you know if someone is editing the document at the same time. We are working on adding this functionality, however, so hang tight!

All edits and versions will save to Clio's documents, however, and you can review the versions in the "View details" menu for the file.

Is Clio Launcher available to my clients for the documents I share in Clio Connect?

No, currently Clio Launcher is only available for firm users, and not clients via Clio Connect.

Is the Clio Launcher compatible with a Chromebook or iPad?

No. The Clio Launcher is compatible with Windows or MacOS only.

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