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How Do I Re-Download Clio Launcher?


  • I accidentally clicked "Launcher is Already Installed on this Computer" when installing Clio Launcher
  • How do I download Clio Launcher when the Icon is Blue
  • I'm unable to download Clio Launcher
  • How do I re-install Clio Launcher
  • How can I re-download Clio Launcher


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Additional Information:

  • Installation instructions for Clio Launcher can be found here.


  • You may have attempted to download Clio Launcher, but the download or installation didn't complete.


You can re-enable the grey external link icon (to download Clio Launcher) a few different ways.

Option #1:

  1. Open up Clio in the Google Chrome browser
  2. Open the developer tools menu by pressing ctrl+shift+j (Mac: command+option+j)
  3. In the console, paste the following code: localStorage.removeItem("clio.launcher.installed");
  4. Press Enter
  5. Go to the Documents page in Clio and locate a file. The external link icon should now be grey, and you will be able to download Clio Launcher.

Tip: If the icon is still blue, refresh your page by clicking the reload button 

Option #2:

Open Clio in an incognito / private browsing window by following the instructions detailed here. The Clio Launcher icon will show as grey again, and you will be able to try downloading again.

Option #3:

  1. Clear your browser's cache
  2. Close and reopen your browser
  3. Attempt to Install the Clio Launcher again using these steps.

Note: This may remove autofill data used to save your login credentials for websites.


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