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Legalboards is a lightweight and customizable legal workflow to simplifies the way to get legal tasks done through a web-based platform with a minimalist user interface and boards to make your workflow visual and efficient.

- Create unlimited agile boards for your workflows, each one with its columns organization.
- Import Clio's matters into your boards.
- Drag & Drop your matters across the status.
- Click to see all the details of your matters straight from the cards.
- Invite your coworkers from Clio to share boards.


Connecting Legalboards to Clio
Using Legalboards with Clio
Contacting Legalboards Support

Connecting Legalboards to Clio

Create a new account on

Once you have signed up for a Legalboards account and have logged in, you'll be automatically redirected to the Authorization page. Click "Authorize" below to the Clio logo and follow the steps.


Using Legalboards with Clio

Once you have connected your Clio account to Legalboards, you will be asked to start a brand new board.


On the new board, you only have to create the Columns, clicking on the "New Column" link. 

To import your Matters to each column, simply click on "New Card" button on desired column.


You can edit boards already created, invite users, and add labels to your colours. 


Now you can start using the board! You can drag & drop cards across columns or click to open matters details.


Contacting Legalboards Support

To contact Legalboards support, go to or email

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