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Customize the Bill Share Email

When you share a bill from within Clio Manage, you can customize some components of the email that is sent to your client. Before sending out a bill, you can change the client or contact, add multiple recipients to a single email thread, edit the subject line, edit the body of the email either manually or through a bill message template, and personalize the sender's email address to your own.

Bill message templates

When editing the subject or body of the bill message, you can make changes manually by typing out the message you want your client to see and adding autofill fields, or you can use the bill message templates feature.

You can add autofill fields to the subject and body of the bill message. The autofill fields are separated into four categories—bill recipient fields, client fields, matter fields, and billing fields.

When sending a single bill or multiple bills by email, you can also see a preview of what your client will see. The bill email preview will show next to the send bill modal. You can also click through what each bill will look like when sending bills in bulk.


Bill message templates allow you to customize bill messages and save them as templates for quicker bill sharing. When editing bill message templates, you can also set autofill fields for the subject and body of the email.

    • Access your bill message templates in Settings > Billing > Bill Message Templates.
    • Watch this video for a detailed walk-through of how to access and create bill message templates.


Email personalization

By default, bills shared from within Clio Manage are sent from the default generated alias Before sending out your bill, you can actually personalize your bill share email by using your own email address instead of the alias. Turning on this feature has the benefit of:

    • Personalizing the client experience and ensuring clients receive their bills.
    • Better bill deliverability (you get an immediate notification if a bill bounces back or is blocked).
    • Higher degree of trust from the client.

Note: If you turn on the email personalization feature, all automated emails normally sent from will instead be sent from your personal email address. This includes calendar events, task notifications, bill creation, bill approval, client bill sharing, client automated bill reminders, client outstanding balance, client portal, Clio Payments bill share, user invitation, and document access granted emails.

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