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Time Miner

Time Miner automatically searches your smartphone for billable calls, texts and Outlook emails, and creates separate time entries for each activity. The Time Miner integration with Clio allows users to export these time entries to the appropriate matter in Clio with one touch.

Time Miner eliminates the risk of forgetting to bill for activity on your smartphone, and the Clio integration eliminates the need to manually create and record time entries for that activity.

Time Miner finds time that typically goes un-billed and adds, on average, an additional $1,100 the average user’s receivables every month. Those .1s add up!

Android users can download Time Miner here.

Android users who use RingCentral can download Time Miner here.

iOS users can download Time Miner here.

Note: iOS users must have RingCentral to take full advantage of Time Miner’s call and text features.

To subscribe to Time Miner simply go through the set up process after download. For a free trial, please contact


Connecting Time Miner to Clio
Using Time Miner with Clio
Contacting Time Miner Support

Connecting Time Miner to Clio

Once you have downloaded Time Miner and added your billable contacts, you will click the “services” button:

Then, check the box to connect Clio:

Sign into Clio using your credentials and give it permissions.

Clio is now connected to Time Miner!

Using Time Miner with Clio

Associate your Time Miner contacts with matters in Clio

Click “Edit”.

Click “+” to associate contact with Clio matter.


Associate contact with Clio matter

Save and repeat for your other Time Miner contacts.

Once you’ve associated your Time Miner contacts with matters in Clio, you are ready to mine your smartphone for billable time and have time entries exported directly to Clio.

Simply select your date parameters, make sure to check the box to send a report to Clio, and hit the paper airplane at the upper right corner.

Contacting Time Miner Support

Check out the FAQs at for further information, and contact

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