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Can I Make A Payment Plan With No Bill?


  • Does the Payment Plan feature work with Subscription Billing
  • Can I Make A Payment Plan Receive Money Even When There Is No Bill
  • What happens if I have a Payment Plan set up and there are no more outstanding bills?
  • Can I create a payment plan without creating a bill?


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

If you would like to make a feature request you can call us at our support number, or chat us directly. You can set up a Trust Payment Plan with no Bill for trust retainer replenishments.

For key resources on Payment Plans, click here


If you would like to create a Payment Plan that constantly receives money, you can create a Bill that has a large total amount. We would also suggest editing the Invoice # to a word or phrase such as "General Client Payments". This will make it easier to identify when running reports and filtering.

If you had a Payment Plan set up and all payments have been made towards existing/ outstanding Bills, the Payment Plan will stop. Payment Plan will pay the difference of remaining balance and go inactive. 

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