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Proclaim provides law firms with the simplest way to talk to their clients and potential clients. Proclaim lets law firms put a Text Us button on your website within minutes. Now any website visitor can easily start engaging with your business!

Proclaim allows your clients and potential clients to contact your business the way they contact their friends, through text messaging. Proclaim is an affordable, simple method to connect the way consumers want to connect. Additionally, Proclaim allows you to easily ask for business reviews and makes it extremely quick and simple for a client to leave a review about their experience with your firm.


Connecting Proclaim to Clio
Using Proclaim with Clio
Contacting Proclaim Support

Connecting Proclaim to Clio

Once you have signed up for Proclaim in the Clio app account there are only a few options left to be fully up and running.

Your client data will flow from Clio to Proclaim once the apps are connected. Then from the Proclaim website you will set up how you want review invites to be sent.

There are two options:

  1. Automatic
  2. Manual

Automatic review invites will be sent automatically once you select the basic settings.

If you select Manual invites, then you will need to log in to your Proclaim account and click a button to send review invites.

Using Proclaim with Clio

Once the Clio-Proclaim integration is connected only a few settings need to be chosen inside the Proclaim website to get the most out of the integration. Just choose if you want automatic or manual review invites sent.

If automatic, then you are done, review invites get sent to your clients automatically.

If manual, then you need to log in to the Proclaim website periodically and click send, but the client data will be pre-populated out of the data from Clio.

Contacting Proclaim Support

For email, phone, and text message support options, visit

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