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Why are items disappearing and reappearing in Outlook?


  • Why are items disappearing and reappearing in Outlook?


  • Clio Manage
  • Outlook Desktop Sync

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Recently, Outlook’s sync to Clio experienced an issue, which we have since resolved. As a precaution, and until we completed our review of Outlook, we temporarily suspended Outlook’s ability to delete items in Clio. Now that the issue has been resolved, we have lifted the suspension.

If you do not have auto-synchronization enabled, we recommend reviewing your Outlook account to ensure your last sync is up-to-date. If it does not appear up-to-date, we recommend completing manual sync:

  1. Open 'Clio Sync Setup'
  2. Click 'Synchronize' to start a manual sync
  3. When complete, wait 5 minutes and confirm your Outlook has been updated


If you do not see all items that you expect to in Outlook, please contact Clio Support via chat, phone, or email

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