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Can Anybody in the Firm See Secure Messages?


  • Who can view Secure messages sent via Secure Messages.


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

If the message is sent to a client, they will receive an email with a hyperlink to access the message through the Clio Connect portal. The same is true for Co-Counsel or anyone else that does not hold a Clio Manage License with the firm. 

If the user is a Clio Manage license holder with the firm they will be able to see the secure message under the secure message tab under communications IF they have permission to view the Matter. 



It depends. If one of the following is true, they will be able to see them:

  • If they are included as a recipient of the Secure Message, or
  • If they have permission to see the Matter that the Secure Message is associated with.


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