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A Deactivated User's Calendar Still Appears


  • After deactivating a user, their calendar is still seen by the rest of the firm


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

If John Doe was a user, John Doe has a personal Clio calendar (called John Doe)—this calendar will be hidden when John is deactivated.


There are a couple of things that may be happening:

  1. If another user Joe Schmoe created a calendar called John Doe (Joe is the owner of this calendar—the calendar has no link with John, other than the name). When John Doe is deactivated this calendar will remain, as it has nothing to do with John's user. To remove this calendar, please have Joe (the owner of this calendar) delete it.
  2. If John Doe created a calendar ("John's Other Events") that was shared with other firm members, after John is deactivated, John's Other Events calendar will persist. To remove this calendar from the firm's view, please temporarily re-activate John, log in as him, delete the calendar, then deactivate him again.
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