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BrowserLink for Clio


BrowserLink for Clio is the easiest way to work with your Clio documents. BrowserLink opens documents directly from Clio, and any changes are saved directly back to Clio. No more downloading and re-uploading files every time you have to make a change.

Note: BrowserLink is part of the AlphaDrive suite. AlphaDrive is required to use BrowserLink.


Using BrowserLink with Clio
Contacting BrowserLink Support

Using BrowserLink with Clio

The AlphaDrive browser connector enables you to use the the Clio website to open files from AlphaDrive.  The browser connector does require that you already have AlphaDrive installed on your computer.

To install the browser connector, click on AlphaDrive > Settings and then click "Browser Extensions".  Once here, click on the link for the web browser that you use. I'm going to select "Chrome".  Now I'm going to click "Add to Chrome" and in the confirmation that appears, I'm going to click "Add Extension".

Now the extension is enabled and active. You can toggle it on and off by clicking on the icon and toggling the setting.

Now open a document using "BrowserLink". In Clio, choose a client and then choose a matter. Click on the documents tab, and then click on a document.

The first time you do this, you may receive a couple confirmation prompts. If you do, just allow them.

Now that the document is opened, if you make changes and then click "Save", the changes will be automatically saved into Clio's cloud.

If you want the files to download as they normally do, you can just switch off the connector and when you click on a file, it will download.

Contacting BrowserLink Support

  • For help information or to contact a BrowserLink support agent, visit
  • For assistance by phone please call AlphaDrive at (402)401-7568.
  • For assistance by email please email AlphaDrive at
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