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Error: "Some of Your Payments Failed"


  • To determine why the error message "Some of your payments failed" appears when attempting to manually enter a credit card payment.
  • To resolve a manual credit card payment that is not processing.
  • To resolve a manual credit card payment that has keeps failing.



  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:



A likely cause of the issue is extraneous spaces after the text in the contact's address field, causing a mismatch with the authentication requirements.


  1. Go to the Client's Contact Page
  2. Select Bills
  3. Under the Bill in question, select Credit Card Payment
  4. Proceed with filling in the credit card information
  5. The modal pop-up will either succeed or fail to process and then provide more context as to the nature of the error. For example: 
    If that error message appears, and you are certain that the address on file for the client is the same as their billing information for their credit card, do the following:

  6. Go to their Contact Page
  7. Select Edit
  8. Verify that there are no additional spaces in the address fields such as zip/postal code and state
  9. If the issue still persists, contact Clio Support at 1-888-858-2546, ext. 2


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