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I Deleted Interest From My Client's Bill and Shared via Email, What Will They See Tomorrow When the Interest Re-Accrues?


  • Does the Email Notification update when a Bill is shared and Interest re-accrues overnight?
  • What value will a client see when they click "Pay online now" after interest has applied. 


  • Clio Web App

Additional Information:

For more information on temporarily removing Interest, see here

For more information on permanently removing Interest, see here


The PDF of the Bill and the Email notification will be unchanged (i.e. they will show the amount due before the interest re-applied). When the client clicks "Pay online now" they will see the current amount outstanding on the bill (including any interest charges). 

For example

if a Bill is $1500 + $500 in interest, and the interest is removed. When the Bill is shared, the Client will receive a PDF of the Bill showing an invoice amount of $1500, and the email will read: Amount due on bill #1234 - $1500. If the client looks at the Bill the following day, after the interest has been reapplied, and clicks "Pay online now", the Payment due portion will read: $2000


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