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Xero Error: "TaxType field is mandatory"


  • Bill does not sync to Xero with error message on the Xero setup page
  • TaxType field is mandatory error


  • Clio Manage
  • Xero

Additional Information:



This may indicate that an expense on the bill is attempting to sync to an expense account, using the Xero Expense Account Code Mapping feature, which no longer exists.


To reset the "Xero account code" setting for the Expense category:

  1. Check expenses on the bill to see which Expense Categories might be in use
  2. Click Activities in the main menu
  3. Click Manage categories
  4. Click Expense categories
  5. Click Edit beside the expense category being used by expenses on the bill
  6. Check to see if there is anything selected for "Xero account code"
    1. If there is not, click the dropdown
    2. Check to see if there is a listing for "undefined". This indicates that the Expense Category is mapped to a expense account which has been deleted or archived
  7. Choose a different account code from the dropdown
  8. Click Save category
  9. Click Edit beside the expense category again
  10. Delete the "Xero account code" that is selected
  11. Click Save category

To resync a bill, in Clio make an edit to the Bill, and wait up to 30 minutes. If the Bill has not synced to Xero, contact Clio Support. 


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