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What Happens to my LawPay Account When I Close my Clio Account?


  • I am cancelling my Clio account, will my LawPay account be closed?
  • What happens to LawPay when I cancel my Clio account?
  • Do I have to cancel my LawPay account when I cancel my Clio account?


  • Clio Manage
  • LawPay

Additional Information:

Click here to view the LawPay Support page.


The LawPay account will remain open. Clio will cease to pay for the monthly cost of the LawPay account and the User will incur these charges from LawPay going forward.

If you are using Clio Payments, closing your Clio account will:

  • Void all 'Authorized' transactions. We recommend waiting for these transactions to complete before closing your Clio account. 
  • Disable all payment links (Secure payment links, shared bills, etc.)
  • Stop all Payment plans
  • Completely disconnect your Clio account from LawPay
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