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DocumentConnex uses blockchain technology to securely create a permanently verifiable record of photos, documents, and other digital files. 

Key features include:

 Digitally sign documents and photos using blockchain technology
 Your photos, documents, and other files are not shared with anyone
 Works with many file types like photos, images, PDFs, Microsoft Word docs, and more
 Provides a certificate verifying the time, date, and author of each signing 
 Easily authenticate important photos, contracts, wills or other testamentary documents, or other digital files years later
 Integrates with Clio

Using our application, you can establish a permanent and irrefutable record of the time, date, and author of a document or photograph. Changing even one word in a document, or just a few pixels in a photo, will show the document or photo as inauthentic.

This allows you to authenticate a photo, contract, will, or other digital files even decades later!

Just upload a file, or import from Clio, and press a button. It’s that simple.

Clio customers are offered a free 30-day trial. Currently, they can receive the offer by contacting us and requesting a discount code for the free trial: 

Tel/Fax: (844) 464-6282 


Connecting DocumentConnex to Clio
Contacting DocumentConnex Support

Connecting DocumentConnex to Clio

To import your Clio documents to DocumentConnex, select the “Import” tab in the dashboard to begin. 

1. You can import documents from Clio with the “Import” tab. Select “Import from Clio” to begin. 

2. You will be asked to authorize access to Clio in order to connect. Select “Yes” to import. 

3. Input your credentials and click “Sign In.”

4. Select “ALLOW ACCESS” to connect to Clio. You will then return to DocumentConnex.

5. Select the dates you would like to import your documents from Clio. With your cursor, select where the dates are and a calendar will appear. Lets select the date range from June 11th, 2018 to June 13th, 2018 for dates to import and then click “Import.”

6. Now, your Clio documents have been imported to DocumentConnex and are ready to be signed and verified! Once complete, click “Sign.”

Contacting DocumentConnex Support

Contact us at (844) 464-6282 or, and ask for DocumentConnex Solutions.

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