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Security Alerts from Google sent to new users of Clio Add-on for Gmail


  • As a new user to the Clio Add-on for Gmail you have received the following email:


  • Clio Manage
  • Gmail

Additional Information:



  • As a user you have recently added the Clio Gmail Add-on to your Google Gmail account.
  • To help protect your account, Google will send you an email message whenever a new add-on is added to any of your Google services (Gmail, Docs, Sheets etc).  The goal of this message to confirm the name of the add-on, the affected google account and the access permissions that add-on requires to function.


  1. No actions need to be taken from the google email.
  2. Users can navigate to to check their account activity log
  3. Users can contact their GSuite Admin resource to confirm that the Clio for Gmail add-on was added to their Gmail account.

Google Resources:

Check your account activity

If you have any concerns about activity on your google account, your account activity can be checked by navigating directly to  to check their account activity log.

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