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Why am I Unable to Share The Clio Folder Within Dropbox?


  • Error when sharing the Dropbox folder allowing access to the rest of the firm


  • Clio Manage
  • Dropbox

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When trying to Share the "Clio" folder with other Users within Dropbox, you may encounter an error due to a shared subfolder within that Clio folder having already been shared with a Dropbox contact/user, and therefore, is causing a permissions conflict when attempting to share the entire "Clio" folder. This is due to a limitation with sharing in Dropbox.

You can tell which folders are "Shared" folders by their icon:

Dropbox shared folder and normal folder

Please unshare any specific subfolders before trying to re-share the root Clio folder with other Dropbox users.

If the Clio folder has already been shared with other users/contacts, then you may also run into limitations when trying to share any of the subfolders within the Clio folder. The only option will be to share as a link.


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