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I Just Made an Online Payment. How Do I Check If a Payment Went Through


  • Just made a payment on a bill; how can I check if it went through?
  • How can I check if my online payment on a bill was successful?


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Additional Information:

Upon paying a bill, the processing time for LawPay is two business days. The payment will be "Authorized" upon payment and "Successful" upon completion.


Please keep in mind that it takes two business days for a transaction to go from Pending/Authorized to Completed. 

In order to confirm a payment, please contact LawPay directly at 1-800-459-5798 for Clio does not have access to payment information.

However, if you'd like to contact Support at 1-888-858-2546 extension 2, we can certainly conference LawPay in to check if the payment went through.  

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