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Two-Factor Authentication with the Clio Mobile App


Two-factor authentication can provide additional security for your Clio account. If you use the Clio Mobile app, there is an easy two-factor workflow—all you have to do is tap your phone.  

To set up two-factor authentication with the Clio Mobile App:

  1. In Clio, open the Settings menu
  2. In the Security section, open the Two-factor Setup subsection
  3. Select Edit two-factor authentication.


4. Go to the Two-factor authentication section. 

a. If you do not already have 2FA enabled, Enable 2FA now.  


While adding 2FA, the enablement flow will have an option to use Clio's Mobile App 2FA push notifications at the end of this flow.

b. If you already have 2FA enabled, you can also Enable Push Notifications. 



You will be presented with a confirmation screen



5. Choose Enable push notifications


You will be presented with a success message that Push Notifications have been enabled on your account.



6. Now, when you attempt to log in to Clio, as long as you are logged in to the Clio Mobile App, the following screen is displayed:



You will receive a notification from the Clio app on your mobile device (see above). Open your device and Confirm sign in to access your Clio account. 

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