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How to add Contacts to a MailChimp list in Clio Grow?


  • Clio Grow

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  1. Go to the Integrations tab in your Settings
  2. Connect your Mailchimp account if you have not done so already
  3. Click Add a new email list
  4. Select which email list you want to connect to
  5. Create rules for which contacts should be connected to this list through Contact Type and Tag parameters
  6. If appropriate, click "Add all existing contacts with these settings to this list"
  7. Click Connect Email List to save changes


Once the list is set up, new Contacts will be automatically added to the email list provided that they meet the parameters. They also have to fit these two criteria:

  • Must have an email address
  • Must be a person-type contact (Company contacts do not get added to MailChimp lists)


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