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How Do I Switch Between Clio Connect Accounts With Different Firms?


  • Toggle between multiple Clio Connect accounts
  • Co-Counsel toggle between Clio Connect accounts
  • Why am I logged into a Clio Connect with a previous firm? 
  • Account Switcher
  • Access a different Clio Account
  • Switching Between Clio Accounts when Working with Multiple Firms
  • How to download documents shared from a different firm 
  • How to download shared documents via Clio Connect 


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

Users may be a Clio Connect user (client or co-counsel collaborator) of more than one firm. Or, full Clio account users may also be invited to collaborate through the Clio Connect portal of another firm.

If the email address used for access to Clio and/or Clio Connect is the same, then users will be able to easily switch between accounts by clicking on their user icon or initials.


  1. Log into Clio (North American accounts or European accounts)
  2. Click on your initials or picture in the bottom left of the sidebar or on the top right in Clio Connect
  3. Under Switch Accounts, click into the menu to select the other account

Switching Accounts in Clio


Switching Accounts in Clio Connect


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