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Where do the Trust transaction fields in Clio populate in Quickbooks Online?


  • What information entered in Clio goes over to Quickbooks Online?


  • Clio Manage
  • Quickbooks Online

Additional Information:

Please note that not all fields entered in Clio move over to Quickbooks Online


  1. Addresses in Clio and QuickBooks Online will be matched up as follows:

    Clio   QuickBooks Online
    Amount  > Deposit/Payment
    Date  >  Journal Date
    Source/Recipient  > Does not move over
    Type  >  Does not move over 
    Currency  >  Does not move over 
    Exchange Rate  >  Does not move over 
    Description  >   Memo
    Check or Reference  >  Does not move over 
    Client  >   Payee
    Matter  >  Does not move over 


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