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What is Pending Date used for?


  • Why would I mark a Matter as Pending?
  • Pending Matter
  • Matter Status
  • Matter status prior to opening


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

For more information on Matter Status, please click here


The Pending Date is typically used by firms if they create a Matter however, they have not started on the case. A firm would use Pending for the below scenarios:

  1. As a status prior to Opening:  this can help those Clio users that may have prospective matters that have not been fully realized. If your firm is considering a case, or is actively working to develop a Client, your firm may want to start a Matter to record within Clio any work made towards closing this Client.
  2. As a status between Open and Closed: When preparing to Close a Matter, your firm can use the Pending status as an in-between classification.


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