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My QuickBooks Online Sync Failed to Process a Payment


  • QuickBooks Online sync fails to sync when a payment is applied
  • Sync error: Bill deleted in QuickBooks Online, then Error 6140


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

For Error 6140, please see here.

To access the Bill Syncing page, you will need Administrator Permissions. 


This indicates that either a Bill, a Bill Payment, an Interest charge, or maybe something else has not been synced because the previously-synced Bill that Clio is trying to use has been deleted in Quickbooks. There are cases where a Bill hasn't been deleted in QuickBooks Online, but the invoice, and subsequent payment, is still not accepted by QuickBooks Online. 


  1. Select Settings
  2. Select Bill Syncing 
  3. Locate the Error Code by scrolling down 
  4. Select Re-sync 

If the Bill is showing in QuickBooks Online, delete the invoice in QuickBooks Online, and modify the Invoice Number in Clio, and then complete the steps above. 

To Modify the invoice in Clio: 

  1. Open the Invoice 
  2. If there are any payments, select Delete in the top right hand side of the screen 
  3. Select Edit 
  4. Update the invoice number by retyping a higher number in the ID# field 
  5. Select Save invoice 

Alternatively, if the Bill exists in QuickBooks Online, you can manually Receive Payment in QuickBooks Online. Provided you do not edit the Bill or payment in Clio, this will not effect the sync.


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