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What Does Voiding a Payment through the LawPay Integration do?


  • What does voiding a payment through the LawPay integration do?
  • What happens to the money when a Payment is Voided through the LawPay integration?


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • Once a Payment has been completed you will no longer be able to “Void” it and it will have to be refunded in stead.
  • For steps on Voiding a credit Payment click here
  • For steps on Refunding a credit Payment click here
  • If a Clio Payment is in a Authorized but not Completed state it can be Voided and LawPay will not charge a service fee
  • If a Clio Payment is Completed and a Refund is necessary, the service fee from LawPay will not be refunded
  • For reference: here


It stops the payment from being processed. No refund is required as the Payment was never processed.


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