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Where Can I Find Unlinked Trust Funds?


  • Find unlinked Trust Funds
  • Find Trust Funds that aren’t linked to a Client or Matter
  • How to find the unlinked amount appearing in Trust Listing Report
  • The Trust Listing Report shows an amount that is unlinked, however when you click into the Clio Payments tab to try and link it, it is nowhere to be found
  • Unlinked Amount appearing in the Trust Listing Report 


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • To find a specific amount, click on the Command key + F for MAC or Control + F for PC.


  1. Select Accounts from the main navigation menu
  2. Select your Trust Account in the list of Accounts
  3. Click the Matter column header to sort your Matters (arrow beside Matter to point up ^)
  4. Funds without a Matter or Client will display at the top of the page with no information within the Contact or Matter field


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