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How Do I Fill Out the Import Template for Clio Grow


  • Add Contact details to the spreadsheet template
  • Populate Contact information into CSV for import into Clio Grow
  • Import Contacts into Clio Grow
  • Migrate Contacts into Clio Grow
  • Upload Contacts into Clio Grow
  • Import Matters into Clio Grow
  • Migrate Matters into Clio Grow
  • Upload Matters into Clio Grow
  • How to prepare Import Template for Clio Grow


  • Clio Grow

Additional Information:

  • Matters must be included in the same import as contacts in order to import matters. You will not be able to import Contacts and Matters separately. 
  • The required fields for creating a Contact are either First Name and Last Name (to create a person), or Company (to create a Company). If all are present on the same line, a Person is created that is linked to that Company. If that Company does not yet exist in the system, then a new Company is also created, but the Person that is created will have all the other information (address, etc.).
  • If you are importing Companies into Clio Grow then a Company field should be its own column heading in the spreadsheet
  • If these Contacts exist in Clio Manage, a Clio ID is required to prevent a duplicate Contact from being created in Manage when exporting Matters out from Grow
  • When importing Contacts from Clio, Company's Contacts should be listed first in the sheet before any personal contacts.
  • The required fields for creating a matter are Matter Status and Matter Type.
  • Tags need to have semicolons in between them
  • If any Tags or Contact Types are not created in Grow already, they will be created during the import 
  • Custom Fields, Locations need to be created in Grow prior to the import
  • Do not have any skipped columns or rows. The import process will halt upon the first entire empty row or entire empty column, and data beneath that empty row will be ignored
  • Ensure that all columns have a unique name/header. Duplicates will cause the Preview to freeze.
  • Make sure emails and phone numbers are not hyperlinked as this will cause an error, best way to remedy this would be to save the document as .csv before importing
  • Rows 2 is meant to serve as example information and can be deleted
  • If this information already exists in a separate spreadsheet, you can copy and paste it into the corresponding columns in the Template
  • Use the steps here to Import Contacts into Clio Grow


  1. Open this template
  2. Populate the spreadsheet with your Contacts' information
  3. Save the file in CSV format
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