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Can I Export Matters from Clio Manage to Clio Grow?


  • Export Matters from Clio to Clio Grow
  • Can I push Matters from Manage to Grow?
  • Can I Import a Matter into Clio Grow?
  • Move a Matter from Clio Manage to Clio Grow
  • Transfer data between Grow and Manage
  • Can I Import Matter Custom fields into Clio Grow?


  • Clio Manage
  • Clio Grow

Additional Information:

How Do I export Matters From Clio Manage 

How Do I Fill Out Import Template for Clio Grow 


There isn't a direct button to import matters from Clio Manage to Clio Grow. If you would like to see this feature added to Clio, please contact  with your request and please explain how this would benefit your firm. 



It can be done by:

  • Exporting matters from Clio Manage via CSV 
  • Importing it into Clio Grow through Import template 


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