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Custom Field Converter Tool

Convert Custom Fields to Standard Clio Fields

With the addition of a new Middle Name standard field on your Contacts, you can avoid the manual work of copying over the content in your Middle Name Contact Custom Field by using a tool to convert your custom fields.

Using The Conversion Tool

To access the tool, administrators on your account can navigate to Settings > Custom Fields > Convert Custom Fields. Select the Contact Custom Field that you had your middle name information saved in, such as “Middle Name”.

When you proceed with the conversion, the content from your Contact Custom Field will be automatically mapped into the standard Middle Name field on each of your Contacts. The Contact Custom Field selected for the conversion will then automatically be removed from the Contact, and deleted from your account.

If there are any partial conversions, you will receive an email notification to download a CSV from Settings. The CSV will contain a list of Contacts that you will need to manually update; this will typically only occur if you have duplicate or overwritable data (i.e. you have already filled in the standard Middle Name field on the Contact) or if your selected Contact Custom Field has more than 60 characters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to use this tool to use the standard Middle Name field?

No, this tool is an optional method intended to save you time if you have many Contacts with a Middle Name Custom Field filled in.

Who on my account can access the tool?

Administrators with access to the Custom Fields section of Settings will be able to access this tool.

What happens to the Custom Field I select when running the tool?

The Custom Field will be automatically removed from your Contacts and deleted from your Clio account after the tool is run successfully.

What happens if there are any errors?

You will receive an email notification and will be prompted to download a CSV so you can manually correct any Contacts that have errors.

Is this available for EU accounts?


Is this available for any other standard Clio fields?

Not at this time.


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