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How Do I Delete A Duplicate Trust Transaction I Accidentally Recorded?


  • I accidentally recorded a Trust transaction twice under both Client and Matter level. How can I delete one?
  • I see two transactions for the same amount, how did this happen and how do I delete one?
  • How to Delete A Trust Transaction
  • How to Remove A Trust Transaction


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

Funds can be manually recorded under Client and Matter Transactions subtab. If you are seeing two transactions of the same amount, either they were recorded under both Client and Matter level, or, one was manually entered and the other, via Recording Payment on a Bill.

NOTE: If you do not see a delete tab, this means that the funds were recorded to a Trust Request bill. You will need to disburse funds to remove this transaction. For steps to disburse funds, click here


To delete a transaction in Client Transaction subtab:

1. Navigate to the Contact Transaction subtab
2. Select Trust Account under Transaction
3. Locate duplicate (and confirm it indeed is a duplicate)
4. Click Delete

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