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What is the Difference Between a Form and a Document in Clio Grow?


  • When do I use a Form vs a Document in Clio Grow
  • Grow Document Merge Fields in a Form
  • Form to Populate Document
  • Types of Grow Forms and Documents


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Additional Information:


Forms are customizable questionnaires that are sent to contacts primarily during the intake process in order to collect pertinent information about them and their potential legal matters. You can map Form questions to Custom Fields so that the prospective client's answer is captured in the field in their Contact/Matter. 

Some common examples of forms to be used are:

  1. Intake sheets/forms
  2. Client questionnaires
  3. Surveys
  4. Anything the client would be filling out for the purpose of data collection


Documents are standard contracts/agreements that are generated from Document Templates and are sent to contacts to sign and/or provide information. 

  • You can add an electronic signature field to your Documents and make it incredibly easy to get important documents signed online.
  • You can set up Merge Fields to populate information you already have in the Client's Contact or Matter (including Custom Fields) directly into the Document.
  • When you capture information using a Document Template, this information will populate only on the document.

Some common examples of documents to be used are:

  1. Fee agreements
  2. Credit card authorization forms
  3. Retainer agreements
  4. Engagement Letters
  5. Welcome letters
  6. Consent waivers
  7. Anything the client would be electronically signing for the purpose of legally binding business

In Summary:

  • If you need to populate Matter or Contact information in Grow - use a Form.
  • If you need to complete a Document with information you may already have - use a Document.
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