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Why am I Logged Out of Clio Launcher?


  • Why do I have to re-authenticate Clio Launcher? 


  • Clio Launcher Desktop App

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There are a number of reasons why you might find yourself logged out of Clio Launcher and need to complete login:

  • The Clio Launcher feature is not designed to work with multiple devices with the same Clio login. If you use Clio Launcher on multiple computers, you will need log into every time you access the feature from a different device.
  • Log in sessions with Clio Launcher last 30 days. After this time has passed, you might need to login again.
  • You have logged out of Clio Launcher manually.
  • Clio Launcher login has been removed from your device's local credential storing application. These applications (Keychain Access on Mac and Windows Credential Manager on Windows) can be configured in a number of ways to store credentials to applications on your computer in various ways and for different lengths of time. Check with your IT professional to learn more about how credentials are managed on your computer.
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