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Setting up the Clio Grow WordPress Plugin

By using the Clio Grow WordPress Plugin, you can send leads directly from your website to your Clio Grow lead inbox. If your website is powered by WordPress, this can be set up in only a few minutes. Let's get started!

Note: Our example WordPress website is hosted by WPEngine. If you are self-hosting, or using a different host, some steps may vary slightly. Also note that Plugins are only available on WordPress if self-hosting or on the Business plan.


WordPress Plugin Installation Video
Installing the Clio Grow WordPress Plugin
WordPress Plugin Lead Intake Workflow

WordPress Plugin Installation Video

Installing the Clio Grow WordPress Plugin

Before we start, go into the Integrations section of your Clio Grow Settings menu and copy your Inbox Token. You will need it to connect your WordPress site to your Clio Grow account.

Now let's install and configure the Clio Grow WordPress plugin.

    1. Inside the Plugins section of your Wordpress admin panel, click Add New
    2. Search for Clio Grow and click Install Now to add the plugin
    3. Click Activate
    4. Open the plugin's Settings
    5. Copy your Inbox Token into the Authorization Token field.wordpresssettings.png
    6. Choose your correct Grow Region
    7. Add a Google Analytics ID, reCAPTCHA key, "Thank You" redirect URI, or Domain Blacklist (Optional)
    8. On the Form Configuration tab of the settings, you can change the labels and placeholder text for the form fields. Note that you can't actually change the fields themselves (the phone number field will always link to your Clio Grow phone number field, even if you change the label).
    9. On the Custom Styles tab, you can customize your form's CSS so that it matches the style for the rest of your site (Optional)
    10. Now, copy the Shortcode and paste it into the body of the page on your site you want to display the form on. If there is an existing Shortcode in the body of the page, replace it with the Shortcode shown in the screenshot below.

Congratulations! Once you publish that page, your Clio Grow contact form is now public and you can begin harvesting leads. You can surface this contact form by displaying it prominently on your website, or by linking to it with Google or Facebook ads.

WordPress Plugin Lead Intake Workflow

The page on your website containing the form will look something like this:

Once someone submits a form from this page, you will receive an email and get a notification in the Lead Inbox in your Clio Grow account.


Click into the Lead Inbox to process any new leads. If you want to move forward with the lead, you will generally click Add and then click Quick Intake. Then you can begin your usual intake workflow, which may include sending the lead an email, appointment, or form.

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