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How Do I Open Outlook When I Click on a Contact's Email Address?


  • To Open Outlook App when clicking the Clients Email Field
  • How do I Open Email Addresses in Outlook?


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  • Outlook

Additional Information:

  • Outlook may be set up as your default program in your Computer's Control Panel however, you may need to also specify this default within your browser and/or Outlook.
  • You can also submit a feature request to Google for make Outlook the default, here


  1. Chrome
    1. Open your Chrome web browser
    2. Copy and paste chrome://settings/handlers into the address bar of the browser
    3. Select your desired, default email client
  2. Firefox
    1. Open your Firefox web browser
    2. Copy and paste about:preferences#searchResults into the address bar and press Enter
    3. In the Find in Settings search bar at the top, type in the word 'handle'
    4. In the Content Type column, you'll see mailto
    5. In the Action column, beside mailto, click and choose the desired email client
  3. Outlook 
    1. If you have a Mac, open the Mail app
    2. Click Mail on the top left
    3. Click Preferences...
    4. Under Default email reader:, choose Microsoft Outlook


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