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Key Resources: Clio Payments


Training Resources: 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How do I set up Clio Payments? (see here)
  • How Do I check if I have Clio Payments Set Up?(see here)
  • What are Processing Fees for Clio Payments? (see here)
  • How to Change a Bank Account for Clio Payments (see here)
  • How Do I Add Another Bank Account to Clio Payments? (see here)
  • How Do I Void a Credit Card Payment through Clio Payments? (see here)
  • What Card Types Are Accepted With Clio Payments? (see here)
  • What Currencies are Supported by Clio Payments? (see here)
  • Can My Client Make Partial Payments on a Bill Through Clio Payments? (see here) 
  • How Long Does it Take to Process a Credit Card in Clio? (see here)
  • How do I Change One Date of a Clio Payments Payment Plan? (see here)
  • How Do I Set Who Receives Clio Payments Email Notifications? (see here)
  • Clio Payments: Voiding and Refunding Payments (see here)
  • What does the Status of my Clio Payment mean? (see here)
  • What Does Voiding a Payment through Clio Payments do? (see here)
  • When a Client Pays with Clio Payments, is the Payment Automatically Recorded in Clio?(see here)
  • Who Receives Payment Confirmation In Clio Payments? (see here)
  • Are Clio Payments Notifications sent out by Clio or by LawPay? (see here)
  • Clio Payments Transaction Table (see here)
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