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Clio Grow Email Sync Error "Sorry, an Error Occurred :( Status 400"


  • Error when trying to Sync Clio Grow with email
  • Unable to Sync Clio Grow with email
  • Requested Google scopes denied by end user. Please retry the authentication process and ensure you tick the boxes to enable the specific scopes.


  • Clio Grow

Additional Information:

  • This error is specific to accounts that are connecting to Email Sync through the old Nylas integration
  • If you have Clio Grow bookmarked in your browser, either do not use it or update it to (NA) or (EU). It is likely that the bookmarked URL is outdated.


  • You are accessing an incorrect website domain
  • You have not accepted all of the requested permissions (aka scopes) 


  1. Log out of your Clio Grow account
  2. Go to (NA) (EU) (ensure this is the correct URL)
  3. Login using your Clio Grow Credentials


  1. When approving authorization with Google, please ensure that you approve all options, including:
    • See and download any calendar that you can access using your Google Calendar.
    • See, edit, share and permanently delete all the calendars that you can access using Google Calendar.
    • Send email on your behalf



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