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How do I add a Line Space Between Bullet Points in the Clio Grow Template Editor?


  • Can I modify the distance between bullet points?
  • Change the layout of bullet points
  • Add a line break between number bullets in HTML View in the Template Editor
  • Adding line break to template editor
  • Add space between number bullets


  • Clio Grow
  • Template Editor Source Code (HTML)

Additional Information:

Formatted_Text.png HTML_code.png


  1. Create a new Template or edit an existing one
  2. Click the <> Source button
  3. Locate the code for your bullet points. It will say <li> followed by the contents of your bullet point, and </li> at the end
  4. Hit enter once to move to a new line
  5. Type in <br> on this new line
  6. Hit the <> Source button once again to return back to the template and see how this changes the spacing


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