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Commonly Used Custom Fields for Immigration Law


  • Custom Fields often created for additional information in Immigration cases


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:



Case Number Text (One-Line)
Used to track the case number assigned by the court to the matter. These are usually a mix of alphanumeric characters. Ex. 2:14-cv-02643
Court Date Deadlines? Checkbox
Does the client have any court deadlines
Alien Number Text (One-Line)
A federal identification number issued by USCIS that is 9 digits long. Format is XXX-XXX-XXX.
Country of Citizenship Text (One-Line) Country where the client originates.
Language Spoken Text (One-Line) Primary language spoken by the client.
Marital Status Picklist
Whether the client is married. Suggested picklist options: Married, Single, Divorced.
Date of Birth Date Client's date of birth.
Current Immigration Status Picklist Suggested picklist options: Permanent Resident, WithoutLegal Status, US Citizen, Refugee
Date of Last Entry to US Date Date that the client last entered the US.
Port of Entry Text (One-Line) Name of client's port of entry.
G-28 Filed Checkbox
Filing of the G-28 form, notifying the government of the attorney working on behalf of the client.
Special Notes Text (Multi-Line)
Place to put special notes for the matter that need to be top of mind.
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