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How do I Save Multiple Attachments from an Email Thread using the Gmail Add-on?


  • Store email attachments in a Clio Matter
  • File emails to Clio with their attachments


  • Clio Manage
  • Gmail Add-on

Additional Information:

In certain cases where the total size of the attachments in the thread is too large, the Add-on may be unable to save all attachments at once. As a workaround, you can save the attachments per message (rather than for the whole thread), or file each attachment individually.


  1. In your Gmail inbox, click into any email from the thread you want to file
  2. Click the Gmail Add-on icon to display it (if it's not already displayed)
  3. Ensure that the correct Matter is selected at the top of the Clio Add-on
  4. In the Clio Add-on, click View to view the attachments on the email
  5. If there is more than one attachment you want to file, click Save All
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