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Commonly Used Custom Fields for Criminal Law


  • Custom Fields often created for additional information in Criminal cases


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:



Case Number Text (One-Line)
Used to track the case number assigned by the court to the matter. These are usually a mix of alphanumeric characters. Ex. 2:14-cv-02643
Prosecutor Contact Select
Hyperlink to the Contact card for the prosecuting attorney.
Judge Contact Select
Hyperlink to the Contact card for the judge or magister before whom the matter is being heard.
Court Contact Select
Hyperlink to the company Contact card for the court hearing the matter.
Charges Text (Multi-Line)
A listing of the charges being pressed against the defendant. There tends to be multiple charges. Example:
DUI- Alcohol Or Contr Subst
Endanger Welfare Minor 1- DUI With Child
Contrld Subs 4-Possess IA
Date of Incident Date Date of the criminal incident.
Location of Alleged Crime Text (One-Line) Location of where the alleged crime took place
Witnesses to Alleged Crime Text (Multi-Line) Names of any potential witnesses to the crime
Arresting Officer Contact Select
Hyperlink to the Contact card for the police officer that arrested the defendant.
Arrest Date Date Date of the arrest of the defendant.
Time of Arrest Text (One-Line) Time of day that the arrest took place
Arraignment Date Date
Date of the arraignment hearing where the defendant enters a plea of guilty or not guilty.
Bail Bond Amount Money
Amount of the money submitted to the court for bail.
Plea Picklist
List of the possible pleas entered on the behalf of the defendant: Guilty, Not Guilty, No Contest
Jury Trial Checkbox
Checkbox indicating whether the defendant waived their right to a jury trial.
Court Appointed Checkbox
Whether the lawyer had been ordered to handle this case by a court.
Conflict Check Checkbox
Has a conflict check been done on the parties in this matter?
Employed? Checkbox
Is the client currently employed?
Employer Text (One-Line) If the client is employed, where do they currently work?
Length of time with employer  Text (One-Line)  Length of time client has worked for current employer
Education? Picklist Picklist Options: High School, College, Graduate School, Other
Criminal Record? Checkbox Does the client have a prior criminal record?
Family Law Case Type Picklist Select subset of family law case. Example: Divorce, Guardianship, Custody, etc.
Outcome Picklist Track the outcome of the case: Plea, Trial, etc. 
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