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How to Send Multiple Documents in One Email in Clio Grow


  • Send Multiple Documents in One Email
  • Can I share more than one Document for e-Signature in the same email?


  • Clio Grow

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  1. Go to the desired Matter
  2. Click Add Single Item 
  3. Select Prepare Document
  4. Either Use a template from Grow, or Upload a PDF
  5. Select which Contact in the Matter to prepare the document for
  6. Click Prepare For Signing when ready
  7. From the Choose Method modal copy the document URL and store in a safe location
  8. Click Save and exit the page
  9. Repeat steps 2-5 for the second Document
  10. Choose Email Document Link 
  11. Click Send Document
  12. Type the wording for the second link in the email and then highlight
  13. Click the Link icon and paste the URL into the URL field
  14. Click Send Email when ready to send out the email


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