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How to Make One Matter a Custom Matter Number and Default Back to Firm Wide Matter Numbering


  • Create custom or manual Matter Number for a single Matter
  • Customize a particular Matter's Number
  • Edit a Matter's Number
  • Change/Update only one Matter Number


  • Clio Manage

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  1. Click Settings > Firm Preferences > Matter Numbering

  2. * Important * Before you make any changes or continue with the below steps, make note of the Custom or Standard Matter Numbering Template that you currently have. For example, [matter number] - [client last name], [client first name]. (a screenshot can be helpful in saving this information)

  3. Choose Manual for each matter from the 'Select template' drop-down menu

  4. Click Update Settings on the bottom right

  5. Create or Edit the Matter that you'd like to add the custom Matter Number to. Add the desired Matter Number in the Matter Number field. Click Save matter.

  6. Go back to Settings > Firm Preferences and update the Matter Numbering Template to reflect the original Matter Numbering template you had previously written down or taken a screenshot of in step 1.
  7. Click Update Settings at the bottom right one final time.
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