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How Do I Correct Inconsistent Dates in a CSV File That I Want to Import to Clio?


  • Errors when importing into Clio with mm/dd/yy format
  • Invalid Date error when getting data into Clio Manage


  • Microsoft Excel

Additional Information:

Note: While these screencaptures are from a Mac, the steps should be very similar, if not identical in a PC. 

Sometimes, when a CSV file is opened in Excel, the format of dates is not consistent, or in a format that can be easily uploaded into Clio. These steps reformat the dates to a standard MM/DD/YY format. 


  1. Open the CSV in Excel
  2. Right-click the Date column 
  3. Click Format Cells

  4. Under Category click Custom 
  5. Click in the Type field
  6. Enter "mm/dd/yyyy"

  7. Click OK
  8. Save the CSV
  9. Import it to Clio (see here)


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