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How to use Zapier to Connect A 3rd Party Program to Clio Grow

Note: This workflow to use Zapier with Clio Grow is currently outside the scope of Clio Support. We will not be able to troubleshoot any issues you may experience using this API endpoint.

Clio Grow provides a “Lead Inbox” API endpoint which can accept leads from various sources in a JSON formatted POST request. The instructions for setting it up are listed below:

  1. Set up a "Trigger" in Zapier for any of Zapier's integrated apps.
  2. Add an "Action" step to the Zap.
  3. Select "Webhooks by Zapier" as the app for the action.
  4. Choose "POST" as the type of request
  5. Input (North America) Input (EU/UK) as the URL
  6. Choose "JSON" as the "Payload Type"
  7. Input all of the following key/value pairs under the "Data" section:
    Note: Please ensure to enter all 8 of these fields into your Zap, otherwise this will fail in the test step

    inbox_lead__from_first <insert data from trigger step>
    inbox_lead__from_last <insert data from trigger step>
    inbox_lead__from_phone <insert data from trigger step>
    inbox_lead__from_email <insert data from trigger step>
    inbox_lead__from_message <insert data from trigger step>
    inbox_lead__from_source <insert data from trigger step or custom value>
    inbox_lead__referring_url <insert data from trigger step or custom value>
    inbox_lead_token <insert Clio Grow Inbox Token>
    Note: The phone and email fields accept blank values, but all other fields must have a valid value. Source and referring url may be the same value.

  8. Leave the default settings for the rest of the fields, ensuring that:
    • "Wrap Request In Array" is set to "No"
    • "Unflatten" is set to "Yes"
  9. "Headers" which should be set to:

    Accept application/json
  10. Save the Zap

Common Errors:

Error Message Potential Cause
"The app returned "Unauthorized" with no further details. Try reconnecting your account. This usually happens when we can't connect to your account for an app or service because your password was changed or Zapier's access was revoked." There may be extra spaces or a new line after the names of one or more of the 'keys' or 'headers'.
"The app returned "....". This can occur if the information entered into a field is not in the correct format. Double-check that you are using the correct format for entering values into a field." This may be due to the 'Email' being sent having already been used within your Grow account in a different Contact.
The app returned "Unprocessable Entity" with no further details. (422 error) 

This error occurs when data sent from a Trigger in Zapier does not match the format requirements of a Lead in Grow. Common causes:

- The Phone Number field is sent as an Integer instead of a String (sent as 12345 instead of "12345") (see here).

- The Phone Number field contains less than 10 characters (aka "555" will fail, where "555 555 5555" will succeed).

- There may be a trailing space in one or more of the data field labels, such as "inbox_lead__from_first "

- If you copied and pasted the data labels from this support article there may some issues with the underscore characters. We recommend writing them out individually into the Zapier data fields directly.

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