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How Do I Import Individual Contacts from Clio Manage to Clio Grow?


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  • What is the best workflow when using a Manage Contact in Grow
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  • What happens if I want to use Grow Intake for existing Mange contact
  • When I already use Manage but need to use Grow for Intake
  • Import individual contacts from Manage to Grow
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  • Import 1 contact from Clio Manage to Clio Grow
  • Import single contact from Manage to Grow


  • Clio Grow

Additional Information:

  • Please note: Clio Grow must be connected to Clio Manage to import contacts. For steps on how to connect Clio Grow to Clio Manage, click here.

  • If you attempt to import a contact that has already been imported from Clio Manage, you will get an alert letting you know that the contact has already been imported along with the option to continue importing the contact, overriding the existing information. This is useful if a contact has been updated in Clio Manage and you would like to update the contact details in Clio Grow.

  • Contact Select, Matter Select, and Time custom field types will not import from Clio Manage to Clio Grow as these types of custom fields are not supported in Clio Grow. When importing a contact from Clio Manage to Clio Grow with these types of custom fields, all other contact information will import except for these custom field types.

  • For the steps to import your Contact list from Clio Manage to Clio Grow, click here.


  1. Navigate to Contacts

  2. Click the Create new Contact button

  3. Select the Import from Clio Manage option
    Optional: Select a Contact Type, Lead Source, and Tags 
  4. Type the Contacts name you would like to import into Grow
  5. Click Submit


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