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How Do I Deactivate a User in Clio Grow?


  • Remove account access for someone who's left the firm
  • Avoid paying for unused users licenses
  • How to disable a user In Clio Grow
  • Deactivate Grow user
  • How do I disable / remove / deactivate a user / firm member / staff member?
  • How Do I Deactivate a User In My Clio Account?
  • How To Deactivate An Account
  • Paying for people not at my firm


  • Clio Grow

Additional Information:

  • After deactivating a user, if you don't plan on filling their license spot with another firm member, make sure to remove the unused license.
  • You cannot deactivate Admins. The original subscriber must change their permission level from "Admin" to "Normal" before deactivating them.


  1. Click on Settings (in the bottom-left corner)
  2. Click on Account 
  3. Find the user you wish to disable
  4. Click Deactivate for that user
  5. Click Deactivate User.
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